Is Texas A&M a Good School for Nursing?

is Texas A&M a good school for nursing?

Is Texas A&M a good school for nursing? With a great all around reputation and impressive NCLEX pass rates, yes, Texas A&M University is a very good choice for nursing students.

While the Aggies barely cracked the top five in our rankings of the best colleges for nursing schools in Texas, that’s mostly because Texas just has a lot of great healthcare programs.

We’ll take an in-depth look at Texas A&M’s nursing program and rankings, and we’ve also reviewed other Aggie programs if you’re undecided on what major to pursue:

Finally, we’ve ranked the 8 biggest scholarships at Texas A&M here. While the competition is fierce, Texas A&M does offer some impressive scholarships, including full tuition and full ride packages.

All right, let’s dive into the rankings for the Texas A&M nursing program.

Texas A&M Nursing Rankings

Texas A&M’s most impressive ranking is a 11th-place spot among all national colleges for online graduate nursing degrees (U.S. News).

For on-campus programs, the school ranked 37th in the country, which is still impressive.

One reason Texas A&M isn’t even more recognized is the relatively young age of the nursing school. The Texas A&M School of Nursing was founded in 2008.

While the program is young, Texas A&M has invested a lot of resources into developing their School of Nursing, and the results can’t be argued with, especially when it comes to NCLEX pass rates.

Texas A&M First-Time NCLEX Pass Rates

In 2021, 159 of the 162 graduates from Texas A&M’s nursing program passed the NCLEX on their first attempt. That’s 98.15%, which is pretty impressive.

Do you know what’s more impressive? That 98.15% rate is Texas A&M’s 2nd-worst rate in the past 6 years.

  • 99.26% in 2020
  • 99.28% in 2019
  • 100% in 2018
  • 97.84% in 2017
  • 99% in 2016

While other schools may have more history, recognition and research activity in nursing, the Aggies have reason to stand tall among the best nursing schools in Texas.

Is Texas A&M hard to get into for nursing majors?

Yes, Texas A&M is pretty hard to get into regardless of major, with an acceptance rate of 64%. While the nursing school is young, nursing is an in-demand major. The Aggies have also won respect thanks to the impressive NCLEX pass rates we noted above.

Redditor u/Hunter0417 noted in 2019 that the Texas A&M “nursing program has probably doubled or tripled in difficulty to get into just the last 5 years”.

The transition from new nursing school to “one of the best nursing programs in Texas” happened quickly, so yes, it’s very hard to get into nursing programs at Texas A&M.

How are the nursing programs at other TAMU campuses?

Everything we’ve written so far refers to the main Texas A&M campus in Bryan / College Station. Let’s take a quick look at other Texas A&M campuses that offer nursing:

Texas A&M International University in Laredo scored in the 93-98% range from 2016-2020. This isn’t as good as the main Texas A&M campus, but is still above the average for NCLEX pass rates in Texas.

Texas A&M University Commerce enrolls classes between 25-55 students, and scored between 92% and 96.3% from 2016-2020.

Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi enrolls over 200 students per class, with varying pass rates between 84-97% over the past 5 years.

Texas A&M University – Texarkana is a new nursing program, but the first 17 students in 2019 and 2020 passed with a 100% rate.

West Texas A&M University usually has classes of 50-75 students, with NCLEX pass rates between 91-98% from 2016-2020.

Based on the NCLEX pass rates, all of the Texas A&M campuses offer respectable and established nursing programs, but the main Health Science Center in Bryan outshines them all in both prestige and NXLEX rates.

This doesn’t mean the other campuses are bad—they can still provide a great education and have successfully launched thousands of successful nursing careers.

Is Texas A&M a good school for nursing majors?

So is Texas A&M a good school for nursing majors? The Aggies are known more for their engineering and business schools, but yes, Texas A&M is an excellent school for nursing majors. The NCLEX is an impartial judge, and Texas A&M students have been passing the NCLEX with flying colors.