LSAT Reading Comprehension Tips

LSAT Reading Comprehension Tips

LSAT reading comprehension tips will help you deal with what many find to be the most difficult section of the LSAT. While the reading comprehension section is difficult, the approach to improving your score is relatively simple.

First, you need to know that the correct answers are not subjective—they’re in the text. If an answer choice isn’t supported by the text, it’s wrong. Even if it could be factually true, it’s wrong. The correct answer will always be backed up by the passage text.

This section tries to trip up test-takers by using big words and convoluted language, especially in the answer choices. To keep your brain clear, answer the question in your mind before looking at the answer choices. The four bad answer choices are specifically designed to confuse you. Already knowing the correct answer choice will keep you from getting confused or deceived by an unsupported (wrong) answer.

Finally, skimming isn’t a great idea on the LSAT’s reading comprehension section. The passages are so packed full of information that it’s better to work through them slowly and thoroughly. Skimming the first sentence of each paragraph can be a good strategy on other tests like the SAT, but that doesn’t hold true with the LSAT.

Improving your reading speed is challenging, and is only worth it if you can keep your comprehension at a high level. There’s no shortcut for reading through the passage and working through the questions methodically.

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